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OUR Partners

One of the most important factors in CHA’s success is our founder and staff’s deep network of connections throughout California's social justice and nonprofit community. CHA relies on these relationships to connect participants with any additional needed services and to amplify the impact of our work by connecting them to other organizations based on the needs, interests, and strengths that the storytelling process reveals. CHA is a partner with Race and Gender Equity (Rage), and was a subcontractor on a previous EYC grant awarded to Rage through which we were awarded $15,000 for capacity building and systems change work in 2023.

OUR Mission

CHA’s long-term aspiration is to use storytelling for advocacy and change to positively impact low-income communities and communities of color. Our work is centered on mental health, but we expect that improvements in this area will both have a ripple effect to other challenges and will require system and policy changes in other interconnected areas (like the criminal legal system). In achieving our goals we hope to see a reduction in the stigma associated with mental health and sharing personal stories, while also seeing an increase in government and nonprofit investment in support for these challenges.

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